Monday, June 1, 2009


I was just about to start this inaugural blog entry with something as cliché as “Well…my name is Steve, and I’m starting this blog because...[enter some profoundly self-absorbed reason that through blind ignorance I think other people are dying to know about].” But through immense self control and moderate self-awareness, I am instead going to start this inaugural blog with a reason that is only moderately self-absorbed. Much better.

When I was 12 years old my father and I went camping. Hardly larger than a pond, Grouse Lake was not aptly named, I didn’t see a single grouse, and that was not a lake. It was, however, gorgeous – set deep within the Sierra Nevadas, the term “crystal clear” comes to mind when recalling that body of water. Bits of paper and a generic sampling litter was evidence that we were not pioneers to this ‘lake.’ Still, my father was quick to point out that he was happy those before us picked up after themselves, not a crinkled can of Bud Light, as far as the eye could see. He informed me that we were to “leave the camp ground cleaner and in better condition than when we arrived.”

Words to live by.

…but, y’know, substitute “camp ground” for “world”…

Eventually political ideology, religious beliefs, and any other box I may be able to fit into will materialize as subsequent entries are made. Believe me - I’m as excited to uncover my elusive ideologies as you must be. Unfortunately, ‘mercurial’ doesn’t do me justice. After 24 years of trying to figure it all out, I come back to only one constant – treat others the way you desire to be treated/visit no evil upon others, lest it be visited upon you/love thy brother as thyself.

The Golden Rule.

With that in mind, I realize that it isn’t enough to simply be nice to those around you. Which, sad to say, even if it isn’t what we mean in definition, is precisely how we define it through practice. This blog will be a running commentary of my attempt to do more than be nice, and to invite you to rise to the challenge of making a real and lasting impact in bettering the lives of others.

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